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Adam Taylor / February 15, 2018

It's time to put them on notice.

Everyday we are staunchly reminded of our cultural relevance (and our lack of ownership), our mortality (and how it’s culturally and legally dismissed) and how both are capitalized on without our inclusion or permission. 

It’s time for us to disrupt the traditional way our media is consumed and take back our power. We’re done being victimized. We’re reclaiming our time, our culture, and our voices. Today, we’re putting them on notice and announcing Black™ for iOS. The first act in our vision for black culture, excellence, and prosperity.

Black collects the news and stories from the world’s greatest publishers and influencers of black culture and does the work behind the scenes to make sure that our voices are heard, shared, and that our narrative remains pure. Media outlets have a tendency to forget to celebrate the good things we do, literally replaying the same narrative over and over again for clicks, views, and likes. We have spent hundreds of hours tweaking Black, so it would highlight the stories that will brighten up your day. At the same time, we’ve designed Black to ensure that you stay informed, engaged, and inspired.

When you first join Black, you’ll create your own feed of stories from the publications you know and trust. As you read, recommend, and share stories with your friends, Black gets better at understanding your individual interests, showing you more stories that you care about. Black also integrates with the top social media apps and email, so you can keep your friends and family in the know.

Join us on our mission to change the game.


CEO & Founder, Black